Act on Smoking

Act on Smoking was a project brought to us by Vitality and NHS South West Essex when we were working exclusively for the NHS. It was a preventative smoking campaign aimed at stopping teenagers from smoking before they even started.

We found it best (to get a wider and more impactful vision) to approach our target audience (14-16 year olds) themselves for the inspiration and had them conceptualise the stories. We also involved them at every step of the production process and ad them filming behind the scenes documentaries, operating the sound, lights and cameras and even acting in their 60 second short films.

The result was 20 videos; 10 x 60 second adverts and 10 x 3 minutes behind the scenes documentaries that showed how the youth of today would approach a preventative smoking campaign aimed at their peers.

600 people flocked to the premiere evening in Basildon on No Smoking Day, DVDs went out (for free!) to every year 9 student in South West Essex and we even won a No Smoking Day national award for ‘Best Educational Project’.

This video by William Edwards School group ‘The Huliets’ was judged by a panel at the premiere to be the best video. Why not check out their behind the scenes video too.